"Willa Krokowa"

Street Żwirowa 44
84-105 Karwia/Karwieńskie Błoto I

e-mail adress: biuro@willakrokowa.pl
Mobile phone: + 48 502 574 252 in hours (8:00–22:00)

Additional information:

Bank account no.: mBank 69 1140 2004 0000 3202 4264 8985
The reception is open until 20:00

Entity responsible:

Atacama Willa Krokowa
ul. Żwirowa 44, Karwieńskie Błota 1
NIP 588-194-80-25

The Willa “Krokowa” hotel is located near the route between coastal city of Karwia and beautiful town of Krokowa. Hence, it is a perfect place for trips to the beach in Dębki, Karwieńskie Błota and Karwia.

Distance to the Baltic Sea: 2.3 kilometres in a straight line - 25-30 minutes on foot. The beach is unfrequented, very neat and it is the widest beach in the region. It is regarded as one of the widest beaches in Europe. Of course, You can always go to Dębki (about 10 minutes by car) or visit Karwia (about 5 minutes by car).

Address for Your car navigation system:

84-110 Krokowa Parszczyce, ul. Żwirowa 44